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Benepak Silage Wrap

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1.1 BENEPAK®  SFII-Elite

A better option for balewrapping
 BENEPAK®  SFII-Elite silage stretchfilm has been putted into market for almost 15 years. Each year, BENEPAK®  SFII-Elite protects a variety of forage crops in millions of bales, both round and square, worldwide. Designed for trouble-free use on all balewrapping machinery. BENEPAK®  SFII-Elite is the product of choice for contractors and farmers who seek the combined benefits of high strength, reliability and durability in a balewrap.
Multi-Layer Technology
BENEPAK®  SFII-Elite is manufactured using the latest co-extrusion technologies to maximise the mechanical aspects of the stretchfilm to produce a consistently reliable, high quality balewrap.  In order to create the ideal ensiling environment silage stretchfilm should offer important elements such as strength, puncture resistance, elasticity, UV stability and excellent cling.  If just one of these features is missing a film will not perform effectively.
durability in a balewrap.

Suitable for all balewrappers
SFII-Elite is suitable for use on all types of balewrappers including modern, complex machinery. Its consistently reliable, trouble-free performance enhances baling efficiency and throughput.
High puncture & tear resistance
The exceptional puncture and tear resistance of  SFII-Elite enables the film to cope easily with the impact of the shoots and stalks associated with stemmy, forage crops.
Consistently good elasticity
SFII-Elite has the high strength and flexibility required to retain a good bale shape post wrapping in addition to maximising bale density in the baling chamber.
Optimum adhesion level
SFII-Elite’s optimised adhesive seals the bale effectively to help generate ideal anaerobic conditions. As well as enabling day and night wrapping this effective adhesive leaves no residue on the pre-stretch rollers.
UV protection in all climates
SFII-Elite is manufactured to suit the various climatic conditions of the world.  This ensures that SFII-Elite can withstand extremes of temperature to keep bales safe and secure during storage.
Environmentally friendlier
SFII-Elite is 100% recyclable.  It can be recycled for use in a range of products from refuse sacks to street furniture.  Additionally, it can be reprocessed for energy where incinerator facilities exist.
Technical Specification
Width (mm) Thickness  (µm) Length  (m)
250 25 1800
360 25 1500
500 25 1800
750 25 1500
BENEPAK®  SFII-Elite is manufactured in ISO9001&ISO14001 accredited manufacturing facilities.
SFII- Elite is available in:
White Black Green Olive
Each reel of SFII-Elite is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability in the unlikely event of a problem.


 The seal of excellence
SFII-Pro, a technically advanced silage stretchfilm, offers farmers and contractors the triple benefits of an enhanced bale wrapping process, significant cost savings and augmented crop quality. Additionally, this next generation bale wrap, developed for use with round and square bale wrappers, has the added benefit of being easier to recycle thanks to its thinner, but stronger profile.
Pro Technology
SFII-Pro is manufactured using the latest raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques that enhance the essential characteristics of silage stretchfilm.  The unique system of continuous measurement and adjustment applied during the SFII-Pro production process assures the optimisation of the film’s high performing structure.
Greater reel length
SFII-Pro benefits from a greater reel length than conventional stretchfilms.  This additional length allows users to produce more bales per reels with fewer reels changes necessary.
UV protected worldwide
SFII-Pro is used globally from northern Scandinavia to central Australia as such it is manufactured in a range of UV formats to protect bales whatever the weather.
Better for the environment
Being thinner SFII-Pro uses less film by weight to wrap a bale meaning there is corresponding less film to recycle after use.  Additionally, the film is 100% recyclable.
Technical specifications
Width (mm) Thickness  (µm) Length  (m)
750 20 1900
500 20 2280
SFII-Pro is manufactured in ISO9001 ISO14001  accredited manufacturing facilities.
SFII-Pro is available in:
White Green
In the unlikely event of a problem each reel of SFII-Pro is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability.
yle="font-size:16px;">Benepak is one of China's biggest and most experienced producers of agricultural films. Quality is our first guarantee. By using the best resins and the best process control (to ensure ) Benepak silage wrap works easily and wraps securely to protect the silage at least 12 months.
Excellent UV resistance to ensure 12 months outdoor storage.
Outstanding cling level to provide an airtight seal when wrapping.
Superior stretch to ensure the film suitable for round and square bales
High quality maintains consistent performance during and after wrapping
SILAGE WRAP creates an airtight seal that enables outdoor storage with no reduction in protein level
Reflective white film adheres and stretches around round bales creating an air-tight tension seal for 12 months of outdoor storage and fermentation. Key advantages: reflection of heat reducing heat build-up a tough strength which lasts for a complete season thereby reducing costs of storage compared to the use of trench silos bags or silo storage. Results in a high level of protein in wrapped bales and eliminates the need for indoor storage while keeping bales virtually spoilage free.
They are high-quality stretch films for use on both grass silage and haylage. Our wraps have secured a strong position in the market and are appreciated by farmers and contractors alike for their excellent properties. The stretch film is tough economical and sticky. Its high tensile strength enables airtight packaging and secure fodder storage. It is easy to use and guarantees a better ensilage result.
o    High level of UV stabilizer prevents film degradation
o    Formulated for higher strength
o    High puncture resistance
o    Offers an airtight and weatherproof shield
o    Successfully used on round or big square bale wrappers
o    Developed over 20 years ago
o    Performs well in both cool and wet months of spring and hot and dry summer months.
o    All-round stretch and greater elasticity give tightly wrapped bales for lasting protection.
o    Power Co-ex uses only the finest raw materials to ensure consistent quality every time on every roll.
o    Extra strength helps prevent punctures and tears.
o    Strong tack seals in forage quality.
o    Weatherproof and UV-stabilised against harmful sunlight.
Can be used with all types of balewrappers.